About Maren

L. Maren Wood, PhD, is co-founder of Beyond the Professoriate, which provides webinars, conferences, workshops, mentoring, and coaching to graduate students and PhDs in career transition.  In addition, Maren speaks on university campuses across North America where she talks about the state of the academic job market (providing hard numbers) and tips and strategies to PhDs interested in careers beyond the professoriate.  She has been the lead researcher on several important studies on the academic and non-academic job market, including The Many Careers of History PhDs for the American Historical Association, and JobTracker for Chronicle of Higher Education/Vitae.  Her current project is a history of the Academic Job Market Crisis from 1968- Present.  Maren earned a PhD in history from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and knows first-hand the challenges of being an adjunct, having worked as a Visiting Lecturer in the Department of History at UNC Chapel Hill teaching courses in American History and the History of Sexuality.  Follow Maren on Twitter at @drmaren.  Email maren@beyondprof.com

 A proud Canadian, Maren currently resides in Denver.